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We have been waiting so long to present you this epic piece of power metal and now it is finally here. Check out the full album on Spotify and be sure to buy a copy!

Blinded Eyes Will See

The third and last singel has finally been bestoved upon us. Now it's only seven days left until the full album is out. Meanwhile, enjoy "Blinded Yeyes Will See" here

Back In To The Dark

Once again it has reached the point in time when our second single is about to be released. We have waited so long to present our new songs to all of you and this time we will share "Back In To the Dark". Check out Back In To The Dark on Spotify.

Graced or Damned

The time has finally come to present the first piece of metal from our upcoming album. Check out Graced or Damned on Spotify or click this link to see the epic music video

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