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Veonity News

Veonity and Shadowquest

Feb 04, 2020

Since Shadowquest is coming to our town for a show on the 6th of March, we thought it would be a great idea to join forces once again.

The great Islands to the west

Oct 16, 2019

Let's sail away to the great Islands of the United Kingdom in the west where we, the 26th of September, will appear in the glorious City of Birming for he yearly Power Metal Quest Fest. Be sure to get your ticket and power metal look in order for this Festival

Bonus Track Release

Apr 18, 2019

We thought you might need a special easter gift which is why we now release our bonus track "Beyond The Horizon".

Listen to it on our website and check out the epic lyric video made by Mathias Flink.

Artwork as always has been created by the graphical wizard Thomas Holmstrand

The Quest

Dec 04, 2018

For the true warriors who have ordered a CD we are happy to let you know that within the CD lies a quest for the pure of heart. If you feel you are ready follow this link and unlock treasures beyond your imagination

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